Executive Excellence – Introduction

You are important, significant and very much needed in our world today.

This blog is written to be of service to the leaders out there who seek to make a difference in the lives of their employees, in the results of their company and for their community – and yes even for the world.  I believe that you have that potential to create something that brings great utility and delight to your customers, something that will change other’s life for the better.  You are a leader of men and women and I write to serve you.

Putting aside culture’s caricature of leaders and leadership in general, I see leaders as a critical part of improving our world, perhaps just in their part of the world.  Each leader has the chance to improve the life of their employees and create a positive work environment where each employee can experience work as a creative outlet where the products and services they provide are valuable for their customers.  Leaders provide the environment where superb customer service can flourish.

The key to effective customer service is the word “service.”  Serve customers well by meeting their needs and providing satisfaction through our products and services.  These customers will tell others about their experience and send more our way.  In turn they will return and buy more from us because they enjoyed the first experience so much.  This cycle continues and our revenues increase because we did our jobs well.  Creating this environment through executive excellence is what this blog is all about.  How can a leader be and do, at any level, so that employees are fulfilled in their jobs and great results are the natural by-product?

Throughout history are shining examples of great leadership (Herb Kellerman, Bill George, Warren Bennis, Warren Buffet, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln), and thousands more, less famous heroes who drive positive change and create value for employees, customer, shareholders, and communities.  I have a vision of a world where our companies are led by inspiring leaders.  Men and women who are shining examples of corporate responsibility, who inspire those that work for them to create superb results and make a genuine difference in the lives of others.  Employees love coming to work for these leaders because they feel deep within their hearts that their job is what they were meant to do and what they do is significant.  What they do matters.  They are excited by the leader’s vision and are so committed to it that they will put forth tremendous effort to help the team bring it about.  These people, in turn, become great leaders themselves.  And this is perhaps the greatest testament to a leader’s legacy:  How many of your followers become great leaders themselves?  How many of those under your leadership are better off because of your influence?

That’s what this blog is all about. I will put forth the very best that I have learned over several decades and what I’ve learned from researching the very best leadership practices.  This blog is unique being based in both experience and research on  Executive Excellence.   And the learning never ends.  There is always more to know about dealing with people, what inspires  them, how to foster trust, delivering results, making better decisions, fostering innovation, etc.  Whew!  I’ve got years of material to share and more comes in each day.  I’m looking forward to sharing what I know and what I have yet to learn. May it be helpful to you.